Social Media Marketing Agency

We bring customers to our clients through social media marketing.

We run advertisements on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. We are highly specialized in our field. 

Christian Skovsgaard & Philip Broberg

The founders of MediaPlex Digital have experience in assisting brands with scaling through digital marketing.

Top Of Mind Agency

At være et top-of-mind agency, betyder altid at være et skridt foran, konstant innovere og levere resultater, der overstiger forventningerne.

Trænet Team

Et trænet team er som en velsmurt maskine, hvor hvert medlem arbejder problemfrit sammen for at skabe en kraftfuld enhed, der kan overvinde hver udfordring.

Betroende kunder

Betroede kunder er grundlaget for en succesfuldt agency - Det er dem, der tror på din vision og bemyndiger dig til at opnå stolthed

How we operate:

Why choose MediaPlex Digital?


We analyze your brand's history and develop a strategy that aligns with your brand.


We create, run, optimize, and scale campaigns that effectively sell your product.


We always strive to achieve an ROI of 3x+ - but frequently deliver results far beyond that.

Best in the industry

The results we deliver are the best available out there. We know all the tricks of the trade

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The results speak for themselves

Numbers that make sense

This is not a fancy consulting firm where you pay for conversations. Instead, you pay for conversions 

We don't like to be paid for advice. We prefer to deliver results, and that's what we charge you for. 

When you work with us, you can be certain of one thing: we will deliver the highest possible ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) with your brand and products. 

We will also be ruthlessly honest with you. If we believe that your brand and products do not have the potential to convert profitably through our advertisements, we will tell you within the first minute of our conversation, and that we cannot offer you our services. 

MediaPlex Digital

What we do.

Executed For You


Executed Together With You


What we can do for you.


Highlighting Results

Our work

Creating Campaigns

We specialize in creating campaigns of the highest quality that ensure a substantial increase in the sales of your products. 

Launching Campaigns

After creating the campaigns, we launch them in the right way, leveraging our expertise. 

Scaling Campaigns

Once the campaigns are both created and launched, we scale your campaigns to new heights."

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MediaPlex Digital.

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